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In this game it’s all about keeping your virtual pet POU healthy, dressing him, giving him food and playing with him. It’s very, very addicting virtual pet game. And why it’s very addicting, you’ll see soon. If you decide to download it from Google Store or whatever operating system you have, you can check these Pou Cheats coins on to be sure that you are on the right way.

One of the biggest roles in this game is money. Money is required to be able to buy stuff for your POU. Of course, the most important item is food and it will keep your POU alive. If you give him food too much, it will get fat, otherwise POU will be skinny. But keep in mind, giving your virtual pet food to eat also will contribute to leveling in terms of increasing. And here is one of our cheats that you might find helpful. In minigames like Sky Jump, your POU actually needs to be skinnier to be able to jump higher. Jumping higher and longer is essential if you want to be good in this game and last long. Why this minigame? Well, sure it is one that will give you lots of money and you shouldn’t skip it by any means. In-game money you can also buy with real life money, but we do not recommend it as you can earn them fairly easy with these minigames. Special items are also there, and they will not interfere that much with your level, but will make your POU looks better and by doing that game will become more interesting and addicting. The game plays quite simple, you have a food that you want in the lower middle of the screen and you just point and drag it to POU to feed him. However, if you gave your virtual pet so much food that it got fat and stretched to the sides of the screen, don’t worry because with one of our POU Cheats it will get him back to normal. If you have enough money, you can go to shop and buy fat burner potion and give it to him, this will reduce his size and weight.


If your POU gets tired from playing with you, or playing minigames, you can alternatively visit bedroom and put POU to sleep. That you can do by simply tapping on the lamp. Bedroom can also be of help if POU is sick and needs rest and medicine which you can craft in lab. Another very good minigame for earning money is Sky Fall. Sky Fall is actually the opposite of Sky Jump. You fall from the sky, evading the clouds and collect coins on your way down. Using our tool you can do better in this game. If your virtual pet is fatter, logic tells you that you cannot evade those clouds effectively. However, if you craft a fat loss potion and give it to POU, it can change things a little bit, or by much extent. When POU is skinnier he can more easily move between clouds and last longer in this game. Also, very useful trick in this minigame is that you play it often while POU is still a little baby, it’s even easier then and we guarantee you big money!

Did you know you can talk to POU? Well, it’s not actually real talk but repeating the words you say, but either way it’s fun to do. When your microphone is on, try saying something and POU should repeat it, but your voice needs to be a little louder and not so deep, so feel free to try it. If you are high enough level, you can also have more POU-s at your disposal, which will also make game a little harder but more interesting and with higher rewards, because you can play minigames with all of them. As you surely know, POU is one of the most popular games on Google Play and it counts almost nine million downloads. It has almost five stars rating and the game still improves every day, so don’t wait, grab your POU and immerse yourself into this interesting and addicting game. Download it now to experience the fun yourself and do not forget to cash in the POU cheats we gave you.


May 18, 2016 / steppin


Your desolate, desert homeland has been desecrated by a ruthless enemy. They’ve destroyed your turrets, blasted your tanks, and taken down your chain-link fence. It’s time to put your flag back up, and in order to do that you need to blow some stuff up. Iron desert is a new android and iOS game in which you fight to defend your homeland, and we recapture the territories taken by your enemies. You can build tanks, mounted turrets, and act out any form of warfare that you can possibly imagine. You play as a military commander defending your nation against an onslaught of evil enemies. This is war, and it’s time to kick some butt.

All is fair in war. Every Android and iOS player knows that the name of the game is currency. War cannot happen without money. In order to win you need to hack into the matrix to make sure that you have more money than anyone else. You need diamonds and gold to kill anything that you see and to make sure that you have the best weaponry around. That is why the Iron Desert Hack is perfect for your gameplay experience. You won’t have to work for hours and hours building resources in order to kill everything you want. You could just go around smashing anything you want. Kick some butt with more firepower and more fun. Give the game an edge that you never had before. Stop wasting your time building resources and see how quick you can kill everything.


As far as simulation games go, this game is low-end. While it has some great experiences, it definitely doesn’t have the graphics necessary to engross a serious player. You can probably spend a few hours packing things to pieces. But in order to really get a good experience from a simulation you’re going to have to play another game. The one thing that is cool about this game, is it they have a large variety of weaponry that you can choose from. I just gathered enough resources or hacked into the system, you can go ahead and choose from a variety of weaponry. Overall, I would say that this game is fun for a little while but definitely not a serious gaming experience.

April 28, 2016 / steppin