Our Goal

Travel with a mission! That is our goal and that is exactly what we offer you. You might have come across numerous touring companies who will take you to family trips, bachelor trips, and adventures. We are a bit different from them and we serve those who think a bit differently. Confused? We will explain.

Make your tour a meaningful event

We associate ourselves with social welfare organizations, educational institutions and non-government organizations (NGO) which promote activities having social impacts in different parts of the world. The social causes can be many like:

o Raising fund for charity works
o Educating impoverished population regarding healthy practices
o Spreading welfare activities of respective governments
o Conveying the importance of equal education for all
o Understanding the significance of the right to individual freedom
o Promoting social harmony and mutual respect
o Economic development of local residents
o Infrastructure development of remote areas
o Betterment of elderly life

We are open to suggestions from interested travelers who can convey us the activities they wish to attend or the places they would like to attend. The details of the most suitable event, the proposed route of the tour in cohesion with the event, camping places and the number of days required for the entire trip will be provided to you.

If you want to give your kids a memorable vacation, this will give them a new outlook on life along with experiencing the excitement of adventure travel. They will be able to learn and take part in spreading human values of love, compassion, and respect. When this education is coupled with breathtaking views of nature, you are presenting a precious gift to your kids. Our mottos are ‘Lead, Care and Do’. We lead you to a powerful cause, we together care for the cause and do our best to it.

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